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Is anyone going to see this? It looks like an incredible cast, I would love to see Lea Salonga as Grace!

I’ve been following Kaylin (Annie) for a couple of years now too and she has such a good voice! Sure she’ll be a fantastic Annie! Here’s her singing tomorrow:

She sounds great!!

Hope this production is a winner.  Saw Lea Solonga in concert when we lived in Guam.  90 years for Charles Strouse!  Wow, he is such a class act.

To me no production has come close to the magic of the original Broadway show and tours!

Hi everyone! My name is Malea and I am playing Molly at the Hollywood Bowl! So I guess, I am the newest member of Annie orphans! Nice meeting you all. Hopefully you can come to see our show at the Hollywood Bowl! :)

I wish I could see some pictures from this production since I am not able to see it in person 

Congratulations! Hope you are able to show scenes. Or at least 'Molly' Scenes. :)

Here is the review and some pictures from the opening show last night:

Here’s a video someone posted of the orphans doing never fully dressed!


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