I have been collecting "Annie" autographs since 1979.  I first one I received was Ruth Kobart, Mrs. Hannigan from one of the touring companies.  Following close behind were Reid Shelton and Jane Connell.  Then I met Andrea McArdle following a performance of "State Fair."  It has continued since then, as I have found addresses to write to people.

Well, on Friday I received two Annie autographs: Carol Burnett, the first movie Miss Hannigan, and Alan Cumming, the second movie Rooster.  I wrote to them at their Broadway theatre addresses.

It was an exciting day.

Julie, do you have an address where we can write to you for your autograph?  I have a clipping from a  Reading, PA, area appearance you made in the early 1980s.  It was a Camp Firegirls event.  Would love to have it signed.

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Sure, Ned. Send me an email at


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