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too old :( was so excited when i saw that it was in Chicago. lol. i didnt know they had an age limit :/

I've heard that older kids have auditioned.  If you're close to 12 and are under 5 feet, I'd say give it a shot.  It can't hurt. :)

Honest to God, do you really think anyone actually gets cast through those things?  I think they do them to create a ground-swell for the show.  Let's face it, you couldn't throw a rock in Manhattan and not hit a girl would would be perfect in that role.  Do you really think they have to go to Pine Bluff Arkansas to find the next Annie?  I think it is a way to get on Good Morning America. 

I really tend to agree Jame.

When I was 12 I auditioned for the 1982 Annie movie.

Looking back, I can see that that "nationwide search" was pretty much publicity too.


I'm glad I was young and didn't have a clue it could be that way. I am glad that I felt hopeful that I may have had a chance. It was an amazing experience. Wonderful memories that I will never forget.

I agree Jamey. They have auditioned over 2000 girls and can't find 7 qualified to be orphans????
Sounds fishy too me. All publicity!

HOWEVER, they make THE NEWS in every town they pull off their little publicity stunt in!  Weird, huh? 

I could write the By-Line: 

"Over 2,000 little girls hope that Tomorrow they can shake off their Hard Knock Life and hope they don't ever need anything again.  They have been lined up in front of (place the name of YOUR theatre here) since 5:00 AM in the hopes of getting to be fully dresses with their smiles and be Broadway's Annie!" 

Oh they're having auditions for this? I thought the producer's kids were going to play Annie and the orphans.


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