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Theatre Under the Stars in Houston is putting on Annie from March 20 - April 1, 2012.

When I was 11 years old, Annie toured here, starring Joanna Pacitti. It was fantastic, and I was so pleased to see that they used footage from that tour to promote the new production. :)


Check it out, here!


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Whaoh, there must footage of the whole thing somewhere (or at least way more than what we can see in that clip). I wish I could see that!

There are some pictures scrolling across the top of their website, and two of them are of the production with Joanna.

This website has videos from Annie and other shows you can purchase, including the North Carolina stop when Joanna was Annie, and the tour with Marissa. :-)


I got really excited seeing what they had until I saw how it worked.

What a short want list! I don't have any of those and I'd like to cry.

I'd love any one of those full productions of Annie!!!!


Edited to say....what? you can purchase them? I only saw it was a trading site.

I have purchased them and I'm downloading them now. I haven't started watching them as ithey're very long to download (e.g. the 1980 Annie is in 4 parts, each part takes over 2 hours to download) but they seem good. The guy was so nice, I only purchased the three Annie shows but he also sent me links to download Annie 2, as well the Christmas Special! I know how I'm going to keep myself busy in the next few days!!!
Cecile can you email me at
They're working! I've just finished watching the 1980 Annie, now dowloading the 1997 pre-Broadway tour!
oh so good to hear! I am emailing with him too! I am so excited!!!!
Actually, some files are compressed and I'm having trouble with those as I'm not very computer-savy but right now, I'm downloading/watching Annie Warbucks, it's so great!

hey cecile.


i have that 'prebroadway' tour dvd and it's actually NOT what it is described to be.


it is the north carolina production that joanna was in after she had been replaced in 'Annie 20th".

it was directed by terrance mann.  it's fun to watch but is not as good a production as 'Annie 20th'.


I haven't downloaded that one yet but I got a glimpse of it and I understood that when I saw the orphans. Oh well...


Do you think that you could email me the 1980 annie?  if you can my email is


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