I was looking around for some 'Annie antiques' for fun online, when I came across this. Has anyone seen it?

I found a synopsis too:

Leapin’ Lizards... Little Orphan Annie is in her own classic half hour special. Along with her lovable dog Sandy and the mystical Punjab, this is the fantastical retelling of the Charles Dickens’ ‘Christmas Carol’ in which Daddy Warbucks, the richest man in the world, plays Scrooge to the delight of kids and families everywhere.

Sounds quite good, but I don't really like the idea of a 'scrooge' Daddy Warbucks...

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I think this is related:

(shame it's in another language though)

I have never heard of that one! If "mystical Punjab" is involved, and it's called a "fantastical retelling," it probably means Daddy isn't really Scrooge-ish -- it's probably all an extended dream sequence or something, or an an Annie "What if?" (you Marvel Comics fans out there know what I mean).

I've long thought Annie would be a great fit for animation. I'd love to see a regular cartoon series where she has adventures with Daddy, Sandy, Punjab and all the rest along the lines of what she faced in the comic strip.


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