Inside Edition is also doing a piece for Annie's 40th Anniversary. They will be interviewing a bunch of women who played Annie. Not sure of the air date yet, but I will update when I find out.

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Thanks..interesting to see how different or the same all the Annies look these days! I hope there is more coverage on this anniversary.

I was kind of hoping they'd do an extended web cut - the 3 minutes they aired was very quick, and focused largely on SJP (which I get) but they were in New York all day, and I'm sure there's LOTS of material on the cutting room floor; there were extended discussions and interviews.

It is always amazing to me how selective they are in these reunions.  Why not try to gather as much of the cast as they can for a group picture, not just the Annies as they did this time and not just the OBC the way they did at 30 years.  Oh well, maybe they will get it right for 50 years.  HA!


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