Inside Edition is also doing a piece for Annie's 40th Anniversary. They will be interviewing a bunch of women who played Annie. Not sure of the air date yet, but I will update when I find out.

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Someone wil HAVE to make this available for me to watch!!!

Tune in tomorrow, Feb. 22nd, for the episode of Inside Edition.

I wonder why the girls who played Annie in the tour more recently, like Marissa or Amanda B, weren't there?

They were all there. Marissa and Amanda were both there.

Wonder where Brittny Kissinger was/is
I wish they names everyone?!

I can name everyone.

Back row: Mollie Hall, Rosanne Sorrentino, Amanda Balon, Marissa O'Donnell, Madison Kerth, Alicia Morton

Middle row: Patricia Patts, Becky Snyder, Taylor Richardson, Kristi Coombs, Mary K. Lombardi, Theda Stemler

Front row: Alyson Kirk, Allison Smith, Sarah Jessica Parker, Shelly Bruce, Andrea McArdle

Not pictured: Kristin Vigard, Lilla Crawford

In the article, they mention Beki Gollihur as  3rd natinal tour Annie. Who's she?

Becky Snyder

Yep! She changed the spelling of her name to Beki shortly after Annie, and did some commercial work and other things under that name. And she just continued with that spelling once she moved to other things. And Gollihur is her married name. We'll have been married 10 years this November. :-)


No Louanne, Brittny Kissinger or Aileen Quinn, to name a few? I guess 19 is a pretty good turnout!


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