So, does anyone else feel that the 2014 film of annie is totally going to ruin the story of Annie? I'm afraid it is, because JZ is supposedly writing new songs for the movie. It's just my opinion. Anyone else have thoughts?

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I found this clip of Tomorrow in the new movie.

I'm not overly impressed...

I thought it was pretty nice...and I am glad they are keeping the song...thought they were re-writing everything

I thought it sounded good...esp. for a movie version

I wonder why the article said she was lip-synching, when she was clearly singing along? I also wonder what version of "Tomorrow" is being played? It sounds a bit like the Amy Diamond version, but I can't be sure.

Ugh....I hate the overly produced voice.  And why does the film quality look so bad?  This doesn't even look like a real movie.

I don't think this is from the actual film but rather from somebody who was just on the set and took a video of the filming process.


thanks for posting Tomorrow. I'm also glad they kept the song, but I also was not too impressed. I really don't think I'd have the interest to see this production until it comes to television.Seems more like a kids' movie. ( as was the 1982 film IMO)

Is that really her voice? Said she's lip-synching. Not impressed at all by what I saw.

For those unfamiliar with the process of filming a movie, songs are usually not recorded live on a set.  Miss Wallis would have gone to the recording studio before the scenes were to be shot and laid down prerecorded tracks.  These tracks would have been played through a sound system on set and she would be lip synching to the prerecorded songs.  The video shot would be picking up the sound from speakers 50 to 100 or more feet away from the recording device which is why it sounds so hollow.  The director after seeing the daily's would determine if he liked the prerecorded version or not.  If he did not like it, he would have Miss Wallis come back and rerecord another track, usually done in post production.  What bothers me is that she's prancing down the street like she hasn't a care in the world singing a song.  Isn't she suppose to be "on the lam" (runaway) from the orphanage and on the lookout for the cops so they don't see her and take her back?  Or am I missing something?

There's always a possibility the song occurs in a slightly different context, since the story is being somewhat reimagined. Maybe she's not "on the lam." Or maybe she is, and is just so gee-whillikers excited to be out and about in NYC she doesn't care. Or maybe we just suspend our disbelief as we so often must in muscial theater. :)

But, seriously, isn't the real question - where is Sandy? I hope we don't lose the "here boy, here boy" business!

To bad they shoot a movie out of sequence Mike, we may have to wait till the end of the shooting schedule to find out lol.  Has anyone seen the entire script yet or are they tight lipped about it so they can hit us with a surprise ending?   Like discovering that Annie actually has a twin sister or maybe a brother or they found an Uncle or Aunt, the surprises are endless.  As a writer, I would love to hit you with something like that just to spice up the new concept for this updated version.


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