So, does anyone else feel that the 2014 film of annie is totally going to ruin the story of Annie? I'm afraid it is, because JZ is supposedly writing new songs for the movie. It's just my opinion. Anyone else have thoughts?

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I think you have to go into it accepting the fact that it will be very different aesthetically, but hopefully the real message and heart of the show will remain  intact.

The sad fact is that if you want the story of Annie to survive another generation, then modernizing it is probably the only chance.  Even the musical is losing its appeal to kids with all the newer shows being "cooler" and more "upbeat".  

It is true what they say...adapt or die

That may be true, but look at "The Sound of Music."  It was released in 1965 and remains immensely popular.  When I went to see "Annie" in NYC, the kids in the audience seemed to love it.

Both points of view are valid. On the one hand Annie, like The Sound of Music, is very much tied to its setting in history. On the other hand, the power and beauty of great stories is that they can be reinterpreted in new settings for new generations. (If you haven't read the Annie comic strip was doing in the 90s and early 2000s before it was cancelled, you really should - lots of fun stories, in a contemporary setting, but Annie and Warbucks still recognizable characters.) 

For myself, I'm optimistic.

Here is another set of new pictures, which are pretty adorable.

Has there been something released about the film that has made you unsure about the target audience, old fan? It seems like a typical family film to me. Probably meant for kids to watch with their parents. But maybe I'm missing something.

More pictures of the new film version of "Annie."

There's a Sandy! Yea!

And, judging from this photo, the new Sandy looks more like the comic strip dog than most of the Broadway Sandys do (nothing against them, you understand... just sayin'!) :)

What a cute little doggie!!!

I am so glad they kept a Sandy in this version.  It is not Annie without Sandy. This dog is as precious as all the other Sandy's.  :-)

I've seen Nicolette Pierini in "What would you do?", she's good at improvising and very cute.


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