I was wondering if anyone here on the forum got a chance to see this show during its run at the Kennedy Center in DC?  I caught one of the earlier performances.  Apparently the show evolved quite a bit during its 4 week run before its Broadway run was cancelled and it ended up being retooled into "Annie Warbucks," which I also saw.  In fact, it was the first show that I ever saw in New York.  I had seen three different touring companies of "Annie" during the original run.  My first Annie was Mary K. Lombardi in Philly and probably my favorite (I also saw Bridget Walsh and Kathleen Sisk).  The first time was so magical for me.  Did anyone else here see "Annie Warbucks"?  When I met Martin Charnin during the pre-Broadway run of "Annie the 20th Anniversary Production" at the Hershey Theatre in 1997, I told him that I had seen "Annie," "Annie 2" and "Annie Warbucks," he seemed pleased.  I wrote to him a few years ago, and he wrote back to me.  I was so sad to hear of his death last year!

If you saw either "Annie 2" or "Annie Warbucks," I would be interested to hear your impressions.  Thanks.  Stay well, everyone.

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Annie 2 get pretty dark. As my memory serves me, Ms. Hanigan escapes from jail, kidnaps Annie and replaces her with an Annie Look-alike.  At one point, (The real) Annie is in a steamer trunk tied up and she sings "My Daddy" where she optimistically declares her Daddy (Warbucks) will come and save her.  

Annie Warbucks takes a very different turn.  Warbucks goes broke and Annie thinks Warbucks doesn't really love her, so she runs away.  She meets a family (Alvin Patterson) and tells them her name is "Ruby Keeler".  REALLY?????  

In the end, we find out that Warbucks didn't REALLY go broke, he marries Grace and adopts all of the orphans.  I think it is a good C+ show.  

I think theatre companies should stage "Annie" and for their next show, use the same cast and Do "Annie Warbucks".  A theater company in (Indiana) recently did that very thing.   They didn't do it because I thought of it.  They came to that conclusion on their own.  

I would like to "Annie Warbucks" but most theatre compaies won't do it because...well...It is not "Annie".  They would have to explain to the audience why Annie doesn't sing Tomorrow.  

"I think theatre companies should stage "Annie" and for their next show, use the same cast and Do "Annie Warbucks"."

Walnut Street Theatre performed "Annie Warbucks" in 2004 after performing "Annie" in 2003 with much the same main cast, save for Christiana Anbri and Andie Belkoff now playing the title role instead of Ashlee Keating and Arianna Vogel (which defeats the object of continuity, but I digress. The intention was there).

In terms of a production with an entirety of the same cast, the Norwegian cast of 2004 found so much success in Oslo, that they toured the country in 2005 and then in the same year ended up putting on "Annie Warbucks" with Tomine Harket reprising as Annie, the same orphans and adult cast returning. Very interesting and must have been wonderful to follow.

Hi Rozzy.  After seeing the original production of "Annie Warbucks" in NYC, I did see the production of "Annie Warbucks" at the WST in Philly.  Both times Alene Robertson played Commissioner Doyle.  She had understudied for Nell Carter as Miss Hannigan in the 1997 Broadway revival.  Then she went on to play Miss Hannigan in the Networks Annie tour in the 2000s before it went non-Equity.  I met her during the "Annie" tour because I had a friend who was in that production.  Actually I had started corresponding with her before meeting her.  Alene and I have been friends since then.  I also saw her with me wife in "White Christmas" at the WST.  She recently was set to do a comeback in Chicago with the show "Kiss Me, Kate," but it was postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis!  And the night I saw "Annie Warbucks" in Philly, Christiana Anbri played Annie.  I had seen her play Molly in the 1997 revival of "Annie" when it played the Hershey Theatre in the midst of the Joanna Pacitti firing controversy prior to its Broadway opening.  That was the production where Alene understudied Nell. at least for part of the run.

Wow what a story! That must have been amazing to see. Thanks for sharing 

Hi Jamey, yes, I think "Annie Warbucks" comes closer to the magic of the original show, but there were problems in a Broadway transfer that would happen in time for Tony noms to occur.  The cast was fantastic (Kathryn Zaremba, Harve Presnell, Alene Robertson, Donna McKechnie, Raymond Thorne, Kip Nivens, etc.) and the original cast CD is fun, containing dialogue as well as the musical numbers.  I also enjoyed seeing "Annie 2," especially catching Dorothy Loudon as Miss Hannigan, something I was not able to catch in "Annie" as I was in junior/senior high at the time.  Theater icon Marian Seldes also played in "Annie 2," playing Mrs. Christmas, the character that evolved into Commissioner Harriet Doyle for "Warbucks."  Harve Presnell and Raymond Thorne had previously appeared in "Annie" on Broadway as Daddy Warbucks and President Franklin Roosevelt, respectively.  Joel Hatch appeared in "Annie Warbucks" and then as Drake in the 2012 Broadway revival at the Palace Theatre.

You mentioned that Annie does not sing "Tomorrow" in the sequel.  That is true.  However, there is a memorable moment in "Annie 2" where Miss Hannigan, disguised as Charlotte O'Hara, one of the candidates for marrying Daddy Warbucks, sings a tidbit of "Tomorrow" during her interview to see if she qualifies as the future Mrs. Warbucks.  She messes up the lyrics!  Dorothy pulled it off marvelously!


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