What is up with this tour? Looks like Tori is out.....:(. We absolutely loved her as Annie! Strange they didn't give the role to Amanda who was alternating...
They updated the website

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Huh. Strange. I absolutely loved seeing Tori as Annie!!!

I am not sure what is going on with Tori Bates.  Does anyone know? As far as I know, the reviews of her as Annie were/are positive. The last picture I have seen of Tori Bates on tour was dated on April 13. I do know that Tori missed some shows at the end of January and the beginning of February for an undisclosed reason.

It seems like theres been too many examples of this happening in recent years of the tour, always with the role of Annie and no other orphans. Seems like Martin isn't too good at picking these girls. Tori ousted, and Angelina Carballo brought in. Tianna ousted and Amanda Balon brought in then Madison Kerth taking over the role.  Also what was with LilyBea ireland showing up for a week and getting one show as Annie?? All of it is strange. 

I just don't get it at all.  I am curious why she disappeared and then came back and then left.  I saw Tori and she was absolutely fantastic. She sounded a lot like Allison Smith.  Her and her Dad were sooooo super sweet to my daughter as well.  And why bring Angelina back and let her do the 40th show when Amanda has been right there alternating all along.  Julie, can you chime in on this? What is happening to the business?  I read a kid on the Sound of Music Tour also had a really rough time. I remember my friends who toured in Annie and I don't remember any of this happening.  

I know this tour is both non-equity and doing a TON of one-nighters which makes for a lot of traveling and tons of time on the bus. Probably pretty grueling and the pay isnt great. Maybe theyre leaving for that reason rather than being ousted? But that doesnt explain why it is always the Annie role this is happening with and not others. 

Yeah I am not sure.  She seemed to be having the time of her life!  It does have to be tough.  A LOT of one nighters.

I know that the orphans have a lot more downtime backstage than Annie, which could potentially give them more time to relax.

And why isn't Martin too good at picking these girls? Curious.  I think he's done alright. But maybe I am extremely biased. :) 

Hehe I didnt mean as far as talent it just seems as far as consistency, since girls keep leaving. But of course I have no idea any of the details of why Tori didnt work out or why Tianna didnt work out, so really what do I know? I am just wildly speculating. I have no actual knowledge.

Tianna had a growth spurt. Her dad said online that she grew too tall for the role. The children were only allowed to grow 2 inches and ten pounds within the course of the show. Maybe the same thing happened to Tori. Most Annie’s are between 11 to 13. That’s when most kids hit puberty.
I am curious as well. I did come across a recent and surprisingly "negative" review of Tori as Annie online. Not sure if it was an off-night for her or what. I've definitely read many positive reviews as well. Hopefully, she will continue to use her talents and pursue her passions in the future.

I hope she is okay....Very talented and sweet gal.


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