Hey guys, is that eventually Amanda Peterson from Annie 1982? I found this site in Brazil and I really couldn't believe that. I hope it´s not her anyway because if it is, it means that that adorable little girl is facing very huge problens.

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Yes, I think that is  her. Amanda played in many teen roles  but left acting and got into drugs etc. I believe she lost custody of her child and was in a lot of various kinds of trouble.I can't understand all your article, Jose but is that basically what it said? Here is a link, but doesn't look too reliable. I just remember hearing the negative stuff on one of those Where Are They Now type programs.


It seems to me that many of the rumors written on the Internet are false. Hard to know what is true these days. This page has a few rumors mentioned:

My guess is that she's a single mom living in Colorado and probably not interested in acting anymore.

Thanks for your opinion and the link. aybe she shows herself publically again and tell how she is doing so far. I hope she is ok.

Yes, that is the same Amanda, and I heard that she had been abused as a teenager (not during Annie, but around the age of 15, when she was still acting) which may have led to the drug abuse.

Very sad.

She was also in the movie "Can't Buy Me Love."


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