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Hi Julie, I haven't logged in here in YEARS
I just watched your documentary "Life after tomorrow" again tonight (I had gotten it on dvd back when it came out)
So I thought I'd check in on the boards and say hi
I enjoyed watching it again a lot, also was easier to understand now that my English is better than it used to be... I'm about to look at the special features
I used to spend so much time on this website that I could still remember all the actress's names and faces throughout the documentary, same with the archive videos ❤
So yeah hope everyone is doing great, if there are any members still around who might remember me ✌
..and now I'll watch that Aileen interview :)

Aileen is a great interview subject.  I enjoyed meeting her last year at Chiller Theatre in NJ during a brief visit to the USA from Ecuador.  She also told me that Martin had chosen her to be Annie around the same time as she was signed for the movie Annie.  Her mom was impressed that I recognized her from a People Magazine from 1982!


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