It's 7:40pm here in the UK, and I won't have a chance to post any later as am celebrating with family, but I'd just like to wish all of you a prosperous 2016. Annieorphans has been a wonderful addition to my life since 2012 when I finally joined, but had been browsing the website since around 2008/2009. It's been wonderful getting to know people on the forums and discussing a show that changed many of our lives.

Today I got a wonderful belated Xmas present - Life After Tomorrow, and have just finished watching. It was so great to finally be able to watch the documentary almost ten years after its premiere and have that insight to life in the original productions. 

Julie Stevens - thanks for all you do to preserve the experiences of all who have taken to their stage, be it Broadway or locally, to tell the story of Annie. And once again I'm thrilled you have your wonderful and gorgeous baby daughter to share your life with now.

May the sun come out in 2016!

Robyn :) xxx

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Happy new year to all my annieorphans forum friends! Bonne année!

A very happy new year (and many amazing tomorrows) to all of you wonderful people part of this amazing community. I hope that in 2016 I am able to visit the forum more often. <3

Happy 2016 to all the annieorphans gang, old and new!

xo Old Fan

I'm a bit late, but happy new year!!


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