Hi everyone,
This isn't a big deal or anything, but just in relation to something that I mentioned in a previous thread about the new forum style -- and others responded in agreement at the time.

My Request:

If you are posting a response to a thread, could you PLEASE reply to the last message on the last page of the thread, even if your post is a specific reply to something in the middle of the thread? You could write "Reply to Julie" or just say what it is in reference to, if it's not clear. I ask this because many of us are missing new posts that show up in the middle of longer threads, because we see that a thread has a new post and we immediately look to the end of the thread to read it -- but it is often buried in the middle, which requires reading through the entire thread again to find the new ones (and even then, I am often uncertain which ones are new).

So -- this is my plea! Please try to keep your responses to the ends of threads whenever possible. I hope this isn't a problem for anyone (Julie?), and I think it'll make the new forum even better.


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I understand your frustration but wanted to let you know that you can always click on the words "Last Reply" and it will take you directly to the last reply that was made, no matter where it is in the thread. See the image below. Do not click on the poster's name, which will take you to their page. Make sure you click on the words "Last Reply." Hope that helps.



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