at the Paramount Theater in Aurora and is getting raves.   Both the Chicago Tribune and Sun Times claimed it's better than the current Broadway version. Caroline Heffernan plays the titular role.

Here is the Tribune review...

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Certainly a glowing review! Sounds promising.

I auditioned for this production, along with my Dad. The casting director was so friendly, I will be auditioning for more shows at the Paramount in the future. Interesting article I found...

Oh how cool, it's Mikey!!! Is it weird that I want to go to the show just to see a Berloni Sandy again? It's been 6 years after all :p

This is my hometown and I live an hour away now....hmmmm

Jen!  Definitely go to see Mikey!  You should "friend"  Brian Michael Hoffman (Mikey's trainer....when Bill

isn't there) on Facebook and set up a "Meet and Greet"!!!  Brian loves Annie fans!

oooo thanks for the info, that would be fabulous!

One of the great things about Annie is that it really doesn't have to be done on a huge broadway stage to be enjoyable. When I saw it at the Olney Theater in MD a couple years ago, it seemed just as good as the national tour...all the actors were talented, the dancing was fun, and I felt like it was very professional.

Some shows need a big stage to work...Annie can work just about anywhere

actually though this theater does have a big stage and is a magnificient restored movie palace.

the yearly "summer stage" show is done there. i was actually in Annie on that very stage 8 years ago.

Jenny, did you go see this production? Bill Berloni had been promoting it on Twitter.


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