I'm having trouble figuring out how to post int he new Google group, so I'll put these here.

I'm so looking forward to seeing Celina smith. I had to laugh that someone said she sounded like a young Aretha Franklin. She has a great voice, that's for sure. nd, as noted before, I checked and Andrea McArdle was a bit older yet when she played Annie, in the last months anyway. As long as she's noticeably shorter than Warbucks.

Speaking of Warbucks, putting this forward ahead of anyone who might complain if he says the line about Hitler worrying him and wondering if there will be war someday: Senator Millard Tydings of Maryland proposed a resolution that got held up in committee urging President Roosevelt to ctell Hitler's government the U.S. was very distressed about their antisemitic measures in January of 1934! Warbucks wasn't the only visionary around.

Supposedly, according to one interview, "Sign," from the 1982 movie, will be one of the songs - how would they... well, maybe they could fit it in just before he hands the check to the Mudges that says "pay to the order of 'The Jig Is Up.'" It makes a crowded scene even more so, but it makes sense.

How often has Broadway used ensemble orphans? Not that they're not helpful, and with Covid you really *have* to have a pool of reserves. Plus, it is the way a lot of local theaters do it.

I wonder if this will be out on DVD later. It seems a shame to have it only one night. Then gain, so does a really good Super Bowl or Game 7 of the World Series/NBA Finals.

Someone made a comment about hoping they don't make any comments about privilege - but I think Celina is just playing Annie, I don't think they're saying Annie is suddenly black. If I have a little girl who holds her arms folded in front of her, makes loud noises,  and walks around saying , "Look Daddy, I'm an elephant," I'm still going to treat her like my little girl, I'm not going to start throwing peanuts at her. :-)

That said, there's no reason to mention it, but there is one way it would make sense - if Miss Hannigan says it and Warbucks comes right back and says, "Privilege? You hate orphans and yet you used the privilege of a connection to Tammany Hall to get a job you didn't qualify for and mistreated these poor girls in it! At least I use what I have for good!"

On second thought, no, that would turn it into a different type of play... more like 'Hamilton."

Speaking of which, Alexander Hamilton's wife Eilza opened the first private orphanage in New York City. While Tammany Hall was a system of government patronage founded by... Aaron Burr.

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I'm unable to find "New Conversatrion" - here is what I'm seeing. I do appear to be logged in because it's via my Google account.

Okay, I guess I can't post a screenshot. It could just be an error i'm making - I'm pretty busy anyway right now. Annie LIve! is coming at the perfect time as I'll need a break.


It is on dvd and blu ray I am getting mine from Amazon


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