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Now that Issie has the Annie haircut, she reminds me of Kathryn Zaremba.

Annie is the little girl with the black sweatshirt and bangs (Issie Swickle). Molly is the girl on her right with the curly brown hair (Lilly Mae Stewart). The dog in the picture is the same dog who worked with lilla on broadway (Sunny).

Can't wait to see them all in Pittsburgh and I can't say how happy I am to see the old version of Annie coming back since the 30th anniversary tour!! :-)

There is one orphan missing.  There should be 6 orphans and one Annie.  Plus the swing orphan. . .but since this is the non-equity tour. . I think they cast the orphan swing as a really short adult again.  :-/

I think Adia Dant, "July", was missing that day.  Maybe in Chicago with Macy,the understudy Sandy?

Adia Dant is Pepper not July.

My mistake, thanks Jonathan.


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