My dad died when I was 12, and within the first two months of his death I came across a video of "Maybe" the song where Annie is hoping her parents would come back for her, and feeling the same way myself, I loved this musical. The main characters gusty optimism matches my own, and traits like her race, didn't really matter. Of course, having an African American Annie is a loving gesture, but with Black Lives Matter having to continue, it had no impact at all. Sia wrote the new songs for this version and she has a love for Annie and the new, and edited songs match what the original writers intended, to see the opposite, check out "Peter Pan Live!" This version addresses inequality caused by the Foster Care System, the fact that Annie isn't able to read isn't because she's African American, it's because she's a foster kid. Having an African American Annie is probably more tokenism than anything else. My advise, appreciate how similar this contemporary version is to the Broadway Version.

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