Many of us on this site prefer the 1982 version of the Film "Annie", while others of us perfer the 1999 Disney made-for-TV version.  For those of us who have our favorites, we are not bashful or at a loss to tell other why our version is better than the other. 


I do think it is interesting to read a review with Martin Charnin to get his view on the 1982 movie. 


(Q) Charnin's take on the 1982 film version of the Musical (Annie) directed my John Huston

 staring Carol Burrnett, Albert Finney, Aileen Quinn, Bernadette Peters, Tim Curry and Ann Reinking?


(A) "Terrible, distorted everything!" 


HMM!  Martin Charnin didn't even like it.  Although, he was used to seeing it one way, his way and any detour from that would most likely produce a negative result. 

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Oh, I meant Bruce Smith's History of Little Orphan Annie, with the comic character and Aileen Quinn on the cover. You are right about the other title, though - it inspired Charnin.

I bet with most musicals the movie versions are more familiar than the stage ones. I chuckled when I heard NBC was adding that disclaimer to the live "Sound of Music," too - and was chagrined at how several of my Facebook friends, posting comments the next day, seemed not to have noticed it and still had no idea it had been a stage show first. "They put 'My Favorite Things' in the wrong place!" Sheesh.

Mike I don't post here much but do try to check in.  Just wanted to tell you I always enjoy your posts.

Thanks for the kind words, Elizabeth. Drop by more often!


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