Many of us on this site prefer the 1982 version of the Film "Annie", while others of us perfer the 1999 Disney made-for-TV version.  For those of us who have our favorites, we are not bashful or at a loss to tell other why our version is better than the other. 


I do think it is interesting to read a review with Martin Charnin to get his view on the 1982 movie. 


(Q) Charnin's take on the 1982 film version of the Musical (Annie) directed my John Huston

 staring Carol Burrnett, Albert Finney, Aileen Quinn, Bernadette Peters, Tim Curry and Ann Reinking?


(A) "Terrible, distorted everything!" 


HMM!  Martin Charnin didn't even like it.  Although, he was used to seeing it one way, his way and any detour from that would most likely produce a negative result. 

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I THINK "Sign" and "Dumb Dog" were new and the rest were cast outs from the "Annie" work in progress

I prefer the 1999 movie in general. far as casting, i wish I could mush them together.

First of all...out with Punjab and the Oriental guy....i know they were part of the Comic,

here's my cast....


Annie: Alicia Morton

Warbucks: Victor Garber (i have loved him ever since Godspell)

Grace: Ann Reinking (love her!)

Sandy: Sandy the original (he was alive during the first movie)

Miss Hannigan: Carol Burnett all the way

Rooster: this is a hard choice for me, but I love Tim Curry

Lily: Also a hard choice for me, but I love Bernadette Peters


Orphans, the only ones that matter to me in terms of the movie cast....Pepper and Molly.

I loved that Rosanne Sorrentino got to play Pepper after playing Annie on tour

Molly....well since Aileen was so young....I'll cast her as Molly with Alicia as Annie.


oh yeh and director shoulda been Martin.




"director shoulda been Martin."

There was no way Columbia was going to entrust such a large budgeted enterprise to someone who had never directed a feature film before.

Actually, if they could be done as something other than ethnic stereotypes, putting Punjab and the Asp back in would add some welcome diversity to the show, as well as retaining that element from the Harold Gray comic strip. What I like about their presence in the '82 film is that we get to see, by their reactions to the prowler at night, that Warbucks has enemies, as befits a powerful man. 

As a fan of the chase up the bridge, too, I like anything that injects some action and danger into the show. As I've said before, I really feel that the stage show screeches to a halt in Act II. That's probably partly because my director cut the Cabinet scene (I know!), but really the whole Ralph and Shirley Mudge plot happens so fast and is resolved so easily.

I definitely second Jenny's choices for Hannigan, Rooster, and Lily for much the same reason. They feel like real villains, and Hannigan's redemption thus carries some real weight.

I do wonder why Huston opted to remove "Tomorrow" from its rightful place, only to replace it with a different song.  Isn't there another song missing, as well?  "A New Deal for Christmas?"  Sorry the missing songs ruined the whole movie for you. 


I'm quite glad the '82 movie was my intro to Annie because, otherwise, I might not have been able to just enjoy it for the entertaining adaptation that it is.  

Huston hated 'Tomorrow' with a passion.  Even with the scene in the Oval Office the song is thrown away - Aileen starts singing it with her back to the camera. If he had his way the song would have been removed entirely.

Marisa L. I am with you.  Taking "Tomorrow" out of Annie is like saying "What do we need that 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' song in "WoZ" for"?  Lisa B. I would GLADLY like without "New Deal For Christmas".  That song seems like it is going to take us into an entirely DIFFERENT story (which it inadvertanetly did in Annie Warbucks).  I think the way Disney ended their version of Annie was just fine (although, Warbucks and Grace can't get married in the sequel now). 


The song that I talked my last director into doing was "Why Should I Change a Thing".  What I wanted to do was to make it be a duet between Annie and Warbucks in parallel universes (two places, one time), but Annie was overwhelmed with everything else she had to do to learn one more song.  Interestingly enough, I auditoned for Annie (after doing Warbucks 4 times) about a month ago.  It was down to me and another guy.  The song they taught us was "Why Should...Thing".  I felt bad for the other guy because I had already performed that song and he was sight-reading it, but I guess he got the last laugh when I got cast in Wonka and backed out of the auditon.  I am sure he got the role. 

Both of Annies, 1982 and 1999 came only to sum up, not to divide.



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I like and dislike both for various reasons...82 my father took me to see it while my brother's saw E.T. It was the ...take the kids to a movie and dinner and dump the divorce on them deal...(bittersweet...I find this so cliche but somewhat amusing now.)  the new songs were pointless (yes Sign is a hoot and a holler but let's face it Warbucks would never go Hudson St.), change in the time of year (the cold orphanage and the warmth of Christmas gone?.. bad) ,placement of Tomorrow, lack of Hooverville, overproduced HKL...(why ARE there a hundred of them doing gymnastics?) and I'm sorry some of you will probably cream me ...but that is just not Sandy.  

.On the good side love the cast all around (Carol,Tim,Bernadette wonderful!) like the chases because it seemed in tune with the comic strip.Sets and costumes were great.

99 had the potential to almost be a "definitive" version...and then they once again screwed it up. Bad script! too Disneyfied

Sorry but I like my Hannigan boozing it up and swatting kids! Would have loved to have seen Kathy Bates using the original dialog and camping it up just a bit more. Hannigan as  Mrs. Mudge? Worst mistake of the entire adaptation. They were asking us to believe that smart, clever Annie and and sophisticated Grace were stupid. Any five year old with good eyesight would have caught this.Shame on whoever made this choice! Missed the cut songs although I can understand the reason for their deletion...Politics dumbed of the things that makes this a great show is there is something to appeal to adults and kids. 

Once again great cast! Sets costumes etc...Andrea as Star to Be is exciting and inspired. (I have a clipping that very early on announced her as Star to Be for 82...well we all know what happened there.) 

Anyway many of us will not be satisfied until a taped version of a revival comes out that leave the original property intact. I seem to remember it was going to be a TV special for Christmas in the 70's a la Peter Pan or Cinderella (I do not mean the rather odd Annie Christmas special that aired)  It would be nice if the new revival could fill this need. Think of the copies sold after a network or cable broadcast.Cha-ching!$

I agree with everything you said. I don't particularly like either version although there were some excellent actors/singers I'm a real Alan Cumming fan, among others. I did hear something about a Christmas annual stage revival which in a way I think is a better idea than this new 2012 production...idk.

The Willow Smith rap/pop version will get things right


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