Many of us on this site prefer the 1982 version of the Film "Annie", while others of us perfer the 1999 Disney made-for-TV version.  For those of us who have our favorites, we are not bashful or at a loss to tell other why our version is better than the other. 


I do think it is interesting to read a review with Martin Charnin to get his view on the 1982 movie. 


(Q) Charnin's take on the 1982 film version of the Musical (Annie) directed my John Huston

 staring Carol Burrnett, Albert Finney, Aileen Quinn, Bernadette Peters, Tim Curry and Ann Reinking?


(A) "Terrible, distorted everything!" 


HMM!  Martin Charnin didn't even like it.  Although, he was used to seeing it one way, his way and any detour from that would most likely produce a negative result. 

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I've never seen the 1999 Disney version and, until very recently, had no idea that the '82 version had been so much maligned by (some) fans of the stage production or '99 version.  All I know is that in 1982, when I was 12 years old, that movie brought me more joy than any other movie I'd seen up to that point.  (Although, I will admit that, even then, I thought the bridge scene was way too long.)  I remember very clearly sitting in the theater, waiting for the movie to begin.  Carol Burnett was the reason I was there, but the orphans and the music completely won me over, and I spent a LOT of time with those girls, singing those songs, once it came out on VHS.  I do not have any Annie fandom cred, having only seen the '82 film version (so far), but that version is the reason I am now getting my Annie education.  Sure, it's 30 years later, but better late than never.  So, I'm grateful for it, even if Charnin isn't! 

I feel sort of the same way.  The '82 version got me hooked on Annie, and it was because of that that I even knew about other versions.  That's probably true for a lot of people.  But after having seen the '99 version and learning so much about the stage show, I see greater merits in the '99 version.  It stays much truer to the stage version and embodies why audiences fell in love with Annie in the first place.  I still love the '82 movie for what it's worth, but I can see why a lot of fans of the original Annie don't approve.

I wish, in the '82 version, they had at least re-shot the scenes with the orphans singing and dancing totally out of sync.  The orphans in Smile started laughing when the pre-recorded music was still playing, and they did not dance together at all.  I guess I just expect more when the performers are being paid.  That movie did not show off the girls true talents, I don't think.  Even if the crew was making faces at them during Smile, looking off camera does not look like you are in character. Some of the orphans scenes were done well.  They just changed too much in comparison to the stage version.  Typical of Hollywood.


I think the Disney version is the better one.


To me, the 1982 movie really makes you feel like it's happening in the 1930s. i guess it's the main characteristic that it has and that the 1999 hasn't. And i think it's important.

Actually, the detail that disturbs me the most in the 1999 one, is Pepper's clothes. it looks like from another period to me, but it might be just me

We have an magazine about animals backstage for our Annie production.  There is a picture of Sandy and Aileen with Nancy Reagan.  There is an article about the dog playing Sandy in the movie.  He got the same pay as Aileen, $10,000, and stayed in a $27,000 mobile home during filming.  Pampered dog.  He is so cute!  :)




The dog was paid $10,000 - Aileen was paid $100,000 (not $10,000)

I have now seen the '99 Disney movie and can honestly say, I like both film versions. 

The one difference that struck me most, even though I knew to expect it, was Miss Hannigan's much darker ending. Her lack of redemption does change the tone of her character and of the show, for me. In that alone, I can see what Charnin means. By being more faithful to the original story, the '99 version is also being more respectful of it.  That's how I imagine some fans of the original show might feel. 

It was good to see "Tomorrow" and two of the songs missing from '82 version performed in the context of the show (as opposed to clips on youtube), but I will say, I missed "Sign."  I know the Hannigan/Warbucks orphanage scene is one of the changes made for the film and doesn't actually happen in the original, but I do love that number. 

Honestly, I'm even more excited than before to see Annie on stage now that I've seen the '99 version, but I still love me some sugar-coated '82 Annie.


Yeah, when I played Warbucks in high school, I regretted that I had almost no stage time with Hannigan. 

For the record, apart from that production <g>, my favorite is the 1982 film -- also my introduction to the show -- but I have only seen the Disney version all the way through once, honestly, and don;'t have anything against it. I remember at the time feeling like it was too truncated and that Victor Garber's Warbucks didn't bluster enough, but I'm of course unduly influenced by how Finney (and thus I) played the part.

As long as everyone has jumped on this thread, I will join in.  I dont' like "Sign" or "Let's Go to the Movies" in the 1982 version and I dont' like the fact that they cut "Something was Missing".  It is in that moment that Warbucks desparately falls in love in Annie and can't imagine his life without her. 


Victor Garber is totally wrong for Warbucks, but I still love him in that role.  In fact, I would pay to hear him read cake recipes.  While there is nothing wrong with Aileen Quinn's performance, I just like Alicia Morton better.  I like that fact that she doesn't have that Afro-hairdo from the whole move and they only put some curlies in it for "Together At Last". 


I own them both, but I never rewatch the 1982 version.  I rewatch the Disney version ALL the TIME. 


What's wrong with 'Sign'?  It's a hoot.
I like it too! Very clever lyrics.
Does anyone know if Strouse and Charnin wrote new songs for the movie or did they give them rejects from the Broadway show?


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