Ok this is not exactly Annie related but it is about a little girl who sings, and some of you might be tempted to picture her as Annie, so i guess it's ok ;)


Haven't you already come across Grace on youtube ? She's 10, she sings, acts, plays the piano and writes her own songs too. She plays a character from the new MCR album (My Chemical Romance, rock band), she appears in the clips, and now she's a rising youtube star!

here she sings "Na na na", the MCR song from the clip she appears in :


this is the style she's more into :

check her channel, there are plenty of vids!


and that's the actual clip :


So what do you say, isn't she the cutest ? :D


btw, notice the natural Annie hair <3


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Aaaah I was going to post this! I don't like this band at all but my friend showd me that video and I thought she wqould make a great Annie. :D

i love that band! their new album is really fun, and the previous one, Welcome to the Black Parade had some pretty good songs on it IMO =)


yeah Grace would make a great Annie right now

I think this is the sequel to the music video...


very strange lol...


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