Okay so in the song "Tomorrow," the lyrics are 'Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you're ALWAYS a day away.'


But in the president scene where they sing tomorrow, and throughout the 1982 movie they sing 'you're ONLY a day away.'


What was the point of changing always to only?


Only asking because it always bugged me not knowing.

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I don't know how relevant this is but John Huston apparently hated that song and really threw it away in the film. He had Aileen Quinn start singing with her back to the camera. Maybe he thought 'always' was too wide eyed?
It is clear he hated the song, which is reason enough for him not to have directed it. But in the original broadway cast recording, in the scene with the president Andrea also sings "only." So I'm confusedas to why she would sing only there, and always earlier in the show.
Well that throws my argument out the window! :)
If she did, SHE should have gotten a note, because that is not how it is written - not in my script anyway.
I always asked myself the same question. I could never gei it either!
I think the reason for the change is that the first time she sing it she is talking about how on matter how bad things are today there is always the hope they will get better "Tomorrow" but the second time she is talking about a specific situation the depression and the fact that things will be bad only as long as it takes them to come up with the way to fix it. anyway that's my take
I just pulled my prompt book out. In the Cabinet Scene, they sing "your ALWAYS a day away". I KNOW, because I got yelled at for singing it wrong (not really!). For that matter, in the beginning of the show (where Annie finds Sandy) it is "you're ALWAYS a day away". SOOO, that seems to means "There is always hope".

At the end of the show, it is "you're ONLY a day away". As in tomorrow (as in the REAL tomorrow; the day after today) is that day we have been waiting for.

Hiarspray, you are very pespective for noticing that. I will bet there are people who have done that show and didn't catch that (and sang it wrong).
I have no idea what production this is from. I got it on an Ebay auction. I had to have it seeing as it had all these autographs on it.
It appears to be a 1984 production and that Martin himself has redmarked it as "only"
That's cool, Jenny !....In " Annie: A Theatre Memoir," there is a page with the music & lyrics for this scene and Martin wrote in "change to ONLY for reprise." I believe it's for the reason I posted above as well as what Jamie B posted...I think they considered it an important message that tomorrow is just about "finally here" for the country and for Annie.
they changed it to "only" for Cabinet sencne bc they are talking about the specific situation of the Depression. the economy and how change is only a day away.
Thanks everyone, that all makes sense. I remember listening to Andrea's version all the time, then when I heard Aileen Quinn sing ONLY, I wanted to know why.
You can say it either way. I always say "you're only a day away"


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