I think that's terrible and age-ist!! Those actresses "made" the series and the movies ( although no 2 was not so good...) successes. Why can't the characters age? I totally agree with SJP. Talk about a youth-oriented society- we are all gonna age, and we can't get younger replacements in real life, so why should a movie (unless it's in retrospect, which would be a bad idea IMO) Sort of the same when girls were washed -up in 'Annie' at age 12!

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this is ridiculous!!

i agree with you

at the moment you pass 45 years old you're good for the trash can ? no wonder nobody wanna age >/p>

let's boycott it if they do that lol

This story seems totally 100% false. They are not doing a third "SATC" movie. The second was a huge flop with terrible critical reviews, terrible box office and several Razzie wins.


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