I think this has been discust before, but i can not find the thread...

I was wondering what were the informations we knew about each orphan. Like, how old she's supposed to be, how is her character... can anyone help ?
All the orphans are Annie, Molly, Tessie, Kate, Pepper, July, Duffy...did i forget someone..?

Thanks :)

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Ok. Here is all the Annie orphan information I know
Molly: She is six years old and is the youngest orphan
Kate: She is the next-to-youngest orphan and is seven
Tessie: She is ten years old and is the crybaby orphan. Tessie's idiosyncrasy is "oh my goodness"
Annie: She is the the main character and is eleven years old
Pepper: She is the bully of the orphanage and is twelve years old
Duffy: She is the biggest orphan and is thirteen
July: She is also thirteen and is the quietest orphan
Hope these help you
thank you :)
Annie, the energetic and peppy redheaded orphan, 11
(A 3 – F 5 range)
Molly, littlest orphan, 6
(B 3 – B♭ / A# 4 range)
Pepper, the toughest orphan, 12
(E 4 – F 5 range)
Kate, the next to littlest orphan, 7
(G 4 – B 4 range)
Duffy, the biggest and tallest orphan, 13
Tessie, the cry baby orphan, 10
(F 4 – C 5 range)
July, the quietest orphan, 13
(E♭ / D# 4 – B♭ / A# 4 range)
Samantha, what do those A3-F5 things mean?
Those show the range of the singing part for each orphan (the lowest and highest notes each orphan must sing).

The current tour has switched up the parts a bit, with Kate generally being older and serving as the Annie understudy, and Duffy being much smaller and serving as the Molly understudy. Kate, Duffy, and July are just not as distinctively written as Tessie, Molly, and Pepper, so, really, the age/size thing is far less important.

The script's description of July as "the quietest" orphan has never made any sense to me, since she and Pepper have a fight in the opening, with her being fairly assertive, and she has a nice (loud) solo in YNFDwaS. I have always wondered if that's just a holdover from an earlier draft of the script, as she seems to function better as Pepper's adversary, albeit a nicer one. In this incarnation of the tour, July has also consistently been cast with an African-American girl (and the only one of the orphans that has been); I am curious as to why it has played out this way.

I have also always thought the script needed one last revision to make these three a bit more distinctive, although, really, I guess it's more an issue only in contrast to the fact that the other three are SUCH archetypes, that these three seem so much less distinctive or memorable as characters. Individual actors can certainly make them stand out, but there is no real defining characteristic that is a constant from production to production as there is for Pepper, Tessie, and Molly. I do like that they went they tried to make Kate a bit more developed as the "bookish" one in this tour, but, at the same time, I'm not sure it jibes with the actual dialogue/antagonism she has with Miss Hannigan.
thank you :)

and wasn't it a story about why July is named July ...?

so i see they don't always respect the ages, cause i think alyssa milano played July and she was almost, if not as much tiny as Molly was !
i rember reading the novelization of the 82 film. it said that July's parents were foreigners and left a note that had a lot of words misspelled/ Then it said that they meant to call her JULIE... but bc of the spelling error the name stuck.
I think July was the birthday month of one of the three creators' daughter:..., Martin, Charles or Tom's. Never hears the "foreigner" story !

Eliza, I noticed that too about the casting of July with African- American girls ( who have all done a great job) There have been girls of every ethnicity over the decades cast as orphans, but I don't know why this consistency has come about???
Yes, generally (and I'm not saying always) July is cast with an african-american, and tessie with a girl who is a bit chubby. I don't know why this came about -- maybe the casting just happened that way one time, and they liked the diversity of it, I'm not sure.
what does chubby mean ?
Hi french_girl! Chubby means a bit fat, somewhat overweight. I don't think they stuck to this, though.
thanks :)
actually your answer comes just in time cause i have an english test tomorrow ^^

it's interesting to see how a lot of the orphans characteristics are often ignored, like their age to start with! maybe because it makes it more flexible to choose the cast, i mean, they can choose the girls they want regardless the exact age...


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