I have a new puppy, now almost 6 months old. She's a terrier mix rescue  from NC.She was approached by a couple in Petco who were looking for a local Sandy for the musical Annie- they said to call them when she's grown a bit more  for a New Year production.- no thanks. I am doing enough to get her through obedience classes! She does have the look of that kind of 'mutt' with  her ears standing up and 'nice sandy color!.'

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I wish I could meet her, she sounds like a fun doggy!

She is! I forgot how much work a puppy is. My  dear dog in my avatar sadly passed away last spring. I wish you could meet our new pup, too! I know dogs are welcome many places in France :)

Cute! We've got two dogs for our production - a small mongrel with the cutest overbite and "Queen Anne legs" and an Airedale Poodle cross


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