Hello Everyone,

Can you please tell me whatever happened to Lucie Stewart who played one of the orphans in the Annie Movie, I can't find any info on her and she seems to have just vanished. I understand she came from England, how did that work? was she originally up for the lead and did she stay in the states after filming? many thanks and I love the website it is wonderful x

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No one seems to be able to find any information on Lucie Stewart. My guess is that she went back to England after the filming of the movie. Does anyone know if she was living in the States at the time she got cast or did she fly in just to audition? Seems like she would have needed a work visa unless she was already living in the U.S.

Hi Julie,
Congratulations on such a wonderful Film and website, I would assume that the work visas were able to come by as they held auditions for the movie in England and they would have prepared themselves for this-I would have thought lol..I was at Drama school in London/England with two girls who got down to the finals for the movie- not sure where they came, they both had lockets they were given.
On another note about the movie, do you know if all the audition tapes were kept, I've seen a few outtakes on your site but was wondering if they still remained and where we could find them, are things kept do you think? it would be lovely to see these

Best Wishes, David x
I'm trying to track down Lucie and will keep everyone posted. According to one friend, there were auditions for the movie held in London and two girls were flown to Los Angeles, Lucie being one of them. The other girl, Kimberley Partridge (, ended up getting a role in another film ("Better Late Than Never") so she was out of the running. I'm not sure how they handled the visa issue or if they still had to follow the strict working hours requirements in England.

I got an email from Lucie some years ago, she said she was working as a drama teacher. It was another Annie fan from England who asked a radio program for help in finding her. Toni Ann Gisondi had plans for a reunion with all the orphans from the movie but it never happened. /Katarina, Sweden
Do you still have the email, Katarina? I'd be happy to email her, if you have any contact information.

I'm afraid not. My old hotmail account was deleted since I had not logged in for too long so I lost all my emails :-( /Katarina
I am forwarding to you privately, Julie, an e-mail for Lucie. I believe Katarina gave this to me as the one she used to correspond with Lucie. This e-mail is pretty old, however, since I believe it predates my visit to Sweden in 1999, and probably is no good anymore. But, good luck!
I saw Lucie Stewart in May 2008 at a 30th anniversary reunion at the Victoria Palace theatre in London (where the show opened in May 1978). Lucie had played Molly in the show before playing July in the film (although I didn't appear in the show with her - she was in it a couple of years before me). I have some group photos from the reunion, but as I am technically challenged (!!) I have no idea how to put them on this website!! Sorry!! Also, the photos I took aren't digital - although I have several digital pics taken that day from other cast members.
you can scan in regular non digital pics if you have access to a scanner
Astrid, here are 3 pictures that Louisa McCarthy took at the 30th Anniversary reunion in London. Is Lucie in any of these?

Julie Stevens

Hi Julie
Yes, Lucie is in all three photos - in the indoor shots, she is kneeling near the front and wearing a bluey-green shirt (and next to Tracy Taylor who is in the bright red shirt). In the outdoor shot, she is on the far right of the photo (also kneeling, and next to Tracy) and wearing a pale green jacket and jeans.

I didn't know that Louisa was a member of this site!! Are any other West End cast orphans/Annies members? We don't have our own Annie website, so it would be nice to make contact more regularly with each other on here!!
By the way - I just got a copy of your film for my birthday - it was fabulous and brought back a lot of memories for me!!
(If anyone is interested (!!), I am wearing a red/dark blue striped top in the photos - just behind Lucie in the indoor pics).
astrid-- i think its great you guys had a reunion! so cool! you shoudl start your own FB group for the West End orphan alumni!


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