Jaidyn Young, standby for 2012 Broadway Revival sings "Tomorrow"

The performance was apparently from a benefit prior to her being cast in the revival.  I can see why she got the role.

Jaidyn was the first standby/understudy for the 2012 Broadway revival. She covered Annie, Pepper, Duffy, July, Tessie and Kate.  I think she had 104 performances, at least 8-9 times as Annie.  I root for the understudies.  They often have to go on at a moments notice (in at least one case Jaidyn took over as Annie mid-performance).  They have to know multiple parts and staging and have to be as good as, or better than, the principle actor.  In Jaidyn's case she also did the understudy and tech rehearsals with the actors who covered Daddy Warbucks and with the other young actors who were hired as understudys and as eventual orphan replacements. Busy girl!

Oh and here's a bit from the PBS documentary that was cut from the on air version.

I'd still love to see the  video of the sitzprobe (first cast and orchestra rehearsal) where Jaidyn covered Annie due to Lilla's illness.

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I see Jaidyn is booked to appear at the 54 Below Club in New York City on March 30th, along with Emma Howard.  Sadly, she lost her grandmother recently.  Thanks for posting Jeff.

Very nice!


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