An Australian cast recording of the show was released today!  It is a live recording from opening night.

I can't say I'm too ecstatic as there are other Aussie productions that I feel needed a cast recording more than Annie (as it's not here for very long & I don't think there's much difference between this show & the existing recordings) and the cast doesn't seem terrific...but at least we Aussies will finally get a cast recording featuring Anthony Warlow!

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I just ordered a copy of it - surprised it isn't on iTunes or anywhere digital! Does anyone know the tracklist?

Sorry, I won't be getting mine until I see it in Melbourne, probably in June (depending on mid-year exams).

Just got my copy - it's a VERY enjoyable recording. 

Lots of Disney orchestrations are used, just FYI to purists. HKL, Little Girls, Easy Street, and Anything but You are the standouts to me. The overture is VERY shortened, but the Entr'acte is pretty much intact!

Any specific questions? Feel free to ask. 


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