At This Performance... Taylor Richardson singing Tomorrow

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She is really good!

WOW! i mean WOW!

I wonder if she will be the next official Annie after Lilla gets to big for the part.


That was perfect and flawless.  I hope they will give her the role when Lilla grows out of it.  It gave me chills.  I think she is right there with Andrea and Joanna.  Way to go Taylor!!

Maybe just slightly shouty? But amazing none the less. I wouldn't be disappointed at all to see her play Annie.

I saw her go on last week. I'm sorry, but having seen both her and Lilla, I feel like she ran circles around Lilla, vocally, but especially with her acting. She was VERY real and just overall wonderful in the role.

As far as I know, Taylor is 11, yes she is a natural redhead....and she does the 2 matinee performances a week.

there are 2 matinee shows and 6 evening shows

Well Taylor is Annie 2 shows a week. But, I'm pretty sure she still plays Duffy for all the 6 night performances.

Lilla and the whole cast have Sunday evening and all day Monday off

oh...I meant all day and night. the theater is dark on Mondays

I am sure she has a TON of talent...but I agree with the above poster who said she seems "shouty"...when I hear Lilla's "Tomorrow" it sounds more hopeful and pretty...just my preference.

Taylor is a very talented little girl, even more than you can tell in the video. I had the pleasure of seeing Taylor's first performance as Annie while the show was in previews, and I could not tell that there was a different girl on as Annie until the police scene during "Tomorrow". I had to sneak a peak at my Playbill after the song to make sure I wasn't seeing/hearing things. I think, after seeing both Lilla and Taylor in the role a few times, that Taylor is more of a "true" Annie. Her choices are more innocent and honest. Lilla, while obviously talented, is turning into a "shouty" Annie. I don't know if it has anything to do with her directions, or the fact that she sounded very hoarse the past 2 times I've see the show. In my opinion, Taylor is the "better" Annie of the two and I doubt you will be the least bit disappointed after seeing her perform.


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