At This Performance... Taylor Richardson singing Tomorrow

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She is really good!

WOW! i mean WOW!

I wonder if she will be the next official Annie after Lilla gets to big for the part.


That was perfect and flawless.  I hope they will give her the role when Lilla grows out of it.  It gave me chills.  I think she is right there with Andrea and Joanna.  Way to go Taylor!!

Maybe just slightly shouty? But amazing none the less. I wouldn't be disappointed at all to see her play Annie.

I saw her go on last week. I'm sorry, but having seen both her and Lilla, I feel like she ran circles around Lilla, vocally, but especially with her acting. She was VERY real and just overall wonderful in the role.

Oh so she's been sharing the role with Lilla & she's had to go on a lot? How old is she? Is she a natural red? She looks like my cousin! I've been confused because I don't know why they hire an Annie who can't stay for very long or any of the orphans so they just need to recast again after a couple months. Taylor's Tomorrow is ok Lilla's is better.

As far as I know, Taylor is 11, yes she is a natural redhead....and she does the 2 matinee performances a week.

My cousin is 7 & a natural red they could almost be twins! So Lilla does all the night shows 7 days a week? & Taylor does the matinee shows 7 days?

there are 2 matinee shows and 6 evening shows

Lilla does all 6 evening shows every week -does she have a day off? & Taylor only does 2 shows every week?

Well Taylor is Annie 2 shows a week. But, I'm pretty sure she still plays Duffy for all the 6 night performances.

Lilla and the whole cast have Sunday evening and all day Monday off


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