In the song "Sign", from Annie 1982, the first picture Miss Hannigan shows, actually do not belongs to Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. It belongs to Rio de Janeiro , Brazil. It's a famous post card of that city. I know it could seen something without much importance, but how would you guys feel if in a movie you see a post of Liberty Statue and someone saying that iti was in Mexico, for example?

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I know ,it must be annoying. Laura brought this up once...that was a real error on the set designer or whoever's party.

I wouldn't take it to heart...Miss Hannigan isn't too bright because if you look in the upper left hand corner of the poster when Miss H turns on the radio. The poster says Brazil. Too much bath tub gin for Aggie that morning I guess.

Yes, you got a point. I have not thought in this way, but it seens that it's a reasonable way to excuse any mistake they made. I love that movie anyway..Thanks for replying Keith...I am not taking it to heart . Bye.

Take note that she also pronounces Buenos Aires as Bonus Aries I'm sure none of this is meant  as offense but to show the ignorance of the character.


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