It's a fairly snarky paragraph from The Atlantic Wire, but it's the first I heard of an official release date (as opposed to just "holiday season"):

Sony Pictures has announced that its buzzed about remake of the musical Annie, the one starring littlest Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis, will be released on Christmas Day 2014. Yup, they've gone and grabbed that date almost two years in advance because they know they've got a hit on their hands. With Quvenzhané in the lead and Easy A's Will Gluck at the helm, what could possibly go wrong? What's that? Will Gluck also directed Friends With Benefits? And Quvenzhané has only been in two movies before this one? So you're saying it still could be considered risky? Well, huh, whatever you say. But Sony seems pretty bullish on Ms. Wallis, and we've heard her sing and she sounds pretty good, so let's all be optimistic about this, shall we? I mean, this thing almost starred Willow Smith, guys. Just think about that. No matter what happens, this Annie will be better than a Willow Smith Annie. We should always remember that. [The Hollywood Reporter]

I, for one, am not going to listen to naysayers. I am excited for this project. It's going to be different from the classic presentation, but I am more than convinced there's going to be ample room for both in popular culture. 

And, yeah: scoring the youngest-ever Oscar nominee as your lead seems like a pretty good coup to me.

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She was interviewed by Chelsea Handler a few nights ago on "Chelsea Lately" and talked about being cast as Annie. She's a pretty lucky girl. Getting a role in a film when she was a baby, being directed into an award-winning performance, and now offers are flying her way. I just hope she has the training and skills to handle these opportunities.



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